Hotel booking at home

Once upon a time, I was writing letters to book a hotel room. When it came to the telephone, it was easy, but it was like throwing a pill in the dark. According to the rent, the hotel was less, the room was less, the facilities were less available. The Internet has revolutionized the hotel booking system. The biggest benefit of booking hotel rooms online is probably that they don’t have unrestricted hours. There is no worry of manipulating foreign schedules. It’s not morning or afternoon.
Only when the customer is booked at a convenient time. It also benefits the hotel owners. Because research says, hotel booking rates have increased.


How to book a hotel

Nowadays rooms are booked in advance from almost all hotel websites. This is done through specialized software. Someone gives input to a hotel’s authority on whether a room of a facility is vacant, or when it will be vacated. The software is linked to the website. Consequently, when anyone who wants to travel to the website, simply get a list of empty rooms on a certain date. After seeing the picture, understand the benefits according to the rent is done. Now the website can be paid in advance. He also arranges to go to the hotel again.
There are many websites that act as agencies. Internationally Expedia,, Agoda or My These websites have to specify the day-to-day calculation and the type of room you want to visit. It will show that some rooms of the hotel are empty at that time in that area.


Hotel booking facilities online

One of the many advantages of a hotel booking website is that it is not necessary to know the name of each hotel separately in unknown places. You can find a list of all the hotels on one website. You can know the hotel by looking at the pictures, as well as the reviews (reviews and ratings) of those who have visited before, you will get an idea of ​​the hotel’s value. Such websites have the opportunity to view hotel listings in order of rating or price. As a result, there is a chance to get the value and the price you want. Most importantly, there is a competition between the hotels as all the hotels list together. This increases the chance of getting prices. Many websites also have package tours. They can also be seen.


Hotel Booking Website

For travel abroad (, Expedia (, TripAdvisor (, Agoda (, Priceline (, You can visit websites like ( or Trivago ( However, nowadays many people want to put Google on this list. Because Google’s travel searches show the option to book a hotel directly.
It is a bit wrong to write the word ‘when traveling’. Because, through these websites there is also the benefit of booking a local hotel. Many of our local websites also work with foreign hotels. The hotel booking system is fairly global. Still, the search for local hotels that are best available to local companies is normal. My  ( works with all luxury hotels around the world. Yassiro Hasan, CEO of the company said, “We have contacted the hotels and added 5-degree panoramic images to the special camera in front of the hotel, or even inside the room. Customers have a chance to look around the hotel rooms and look around.

My room offers installments for hotel bookings. If the total cost is more than Tk 4,000, there is a fixed monthly installment payment system. Yassiro Hasan said, “Traveling in Bangladesh is quite expensive. Although not a problem for one, installment benefits will be very useful if the whole family travels together. And there are many discounts on hotel room prices on our website. Apart from this, paying the price on the credit card will result in an additional 5 percent discount on hotel booking and 5 percent discount on air tickets. ”
Due to such advantages, traveling people are now relying on these websites, both domestic and foreign. Make sure you book your hotel or resort before traveling. Such guaranteed benefits of accommodation increase the enjoyment of travel by a few times.